Provider FAQs

Your clients can now share photos with you throughout their journey, they don’t need to wait until they are in your location, and you don’t need to be answering phone calls in between appointments. This way you can give any advice remotely when safe to do, and ensure you are there for your clients when it may not be possible to physically see them.
You will also be able to see how something is developing based on their personal characteristics, so for example – how quickly is a new hair colour changing, what tones are coming out in hair colour over time. This means you can further personalise the experience and delight your clients by having all of the information at hand to make the best decisions for their choice of treatment.

Your client will consent within the app to share selected photos with you, adding in notes and comments. You will receive a secure link to your email. Upon clicking the link you will be instructed to create a secure account to allow you to login and securely view your clients photos. This ensures that your clients information remains secure.

At this point in time you can view only. We are really keen to partner with service providers to look at integrating Myrror app into your existing salon software, allowing more collaboration with your client. Please contact us for more information on this.

Not at this time, we are working on this though and would love to partner with salons to enable you to have a seamless collaboration journey with your clients by enabling Myrror to integrate with your existing software. Please contact us about partnering and for more information.

Myrror can bring you closer to your clients

Your customers now have the ability to share their post treatment progress photos with you, giving them the opportunity to point out the areas of concern, or areas they love, in a way that is personal to them.  We hope this supports you in delivering an amazing personal service. Please do get in touch with us and tell us how we can bring the experience even closer to you