The Hair Woes that Influenced Myrror

20th August, 2020

The idea for Myrror did not come solely from my experiences with aesthetic treatments – it was also shaped by some of my experience in hair salons. I have insanely thick and frizzy hair, was teased relentlessly about it at high school and therefore I’ve always had a ‘thing’ about it. If I’m happy with my hair, I’m happy in general. So it’s a big thing for me!

What always frustrates me though is the same conversation I have everytime I go into a salon and there is a different member of staff on hair washing duty. ‘Isn’t your hair thick?!’ they say. Or ‘how long does it take you to dry it at home?’  Or ‘do you ever wear it curly?’. Or ‘why don’t you just leave it to dry naturally?!’  Well if I do that, I will be walking around looking like Side-Show Bob from the Simpsons! Not for me thanks!

We’ll then flick through the Google image photos I have saved on my phone of styles and colours I like. I’ll be scrambling to scroll through and find them among the pictures of kids (and the really inappropriate pictures that you inevitably end up from the various WhatsApp groups… one of my friends really does send the weirdest stuff!!)

Finally we settle on something that meant one thing in my head and a totally different thing in theirs… I’ll smile, say it looks great and then leave trying to figure out how long it will take to get it back to how it was. The colour will fade a strange way (always more ginger than it looks in the pictures) and the cut will annoyingly flick out as it grows. It’s these exact moments I want to store and show to my hairdresser next time so we don’t even contemplate trying to get the circa 2009 Cheryl Cole look to work!

I want to have an educated and factual discussion based on my own hair, instead of aspiring to be Jennifer Lopez.

So I want to flip this situation. I want to have an educated and factual discussion based on my own hair, instead of aspiring to be Jennifer Lopez. Yes, it’s true. I once used a picture of the lovely J-Lo and showed the hair stylist who took one glance and excused himself. I could then hear him ending himself with laughter in the supply cupboard. Yeah ok, looking back, it was aspirational.

I want to go in armed with my pre, post and time lapsed photos so that I can properly chat through what works and what we need to do differently so that I can leave the salon with a hair style I love and one that I know I can maintain at home.