Myrror My Veneers

18th November, 2020

I’m Stacy, co-founder of Myrror app, and I wanted to share my recent veneers journey with you all. Over the years I have tried various teeth whitening products but never found any that were particularly effective (and could never be bothered to keep up with the effort of using the products either!)  So, during lockdown I started to investigate the prospect of a more permanent solution to teeth whitening – veneers.

I am very lucky to live near Perth which is where Cherrybank Dental Practice is based, owned by cosmetic dentist Dr Elaine Halley. Throughout the whole process Dr Halley has been great and I couldn’t recommend the Practice enough – check it out here

My Journey

From the beginning of the process (and armed with my trusty Myrror app of course) I have tracked my cosmetic dentistry journey from ‘au naturale’ (with too many fillings for my liking) to my post veneer gleamers.

The next image shows my everyday smile compared with the interim veneer stage. These are the acrylic temporary teeth that are applied in order to ensure the look and feel is what you want to achieve, making sure it is right for you.

For me, it was so important to be able to easily compare my cosmetic dentistry journey – the ‘zoom’ feature on each image allowed me to look at what changes I wanted more closely to ensure that I ultimately got the smile I wanted, but didn’t stray too far away from my natural size.

Having my Myrror app to hand immediately post appointment meant that I could very easily and quickly record the result as soon as I walked out of the surgery – enabling me to capture my initial first impressions (before forgetting any key information or thoughts that would be important later down the line.)

Having the comments section below each image is a great way to document first impressions, but it also meant that I had my notes at hand to discuss with Dr Halley at my follow up appointment. As you can see, I also noted a specific look that I liked in my Myrror app Look Locker – so that I could also refer to that as inspiration at my follow up chat!

The next photo of my recent cosmetic dentistry journey below shows the more recent ‘day after’ photo, alongside my ‘immediate post appointment’ image.

Having the timeline of images to select from within Myrror app has been a really important part of the process – enabling me to see photos from different lighting and angles, but also comparing different stages of the journey in a timeline format in order to see the progression – from pre-veneer, acrylic temporary phase – to final veneers.

After having the temporary set of acrylics in for two weeks – it was time for my next cosmetic dentistry appointment with Dr Halley and I was really excited to go back to get my final result. The image below shows my final set of veneers in comparison to my original teeth – I couldn’t be happier with the final result!

I felt in control of my whole cosmetic dentistry journey, and this is why we created Myrror app. Being in control of your own treatments is so important, and so is being able to have a safe and secure space to keep track of treatments, notes and progression.

Love my new smile – Dr Elaine Halley, thank you – you legend!!