Myrror is here

17th August, 2020

Myrror has arrived – a safe #NoFilterNoFear app created to celebrate self-expression and champion body confidence.

We wanted to launch Myrror for everyone like us who just wants to feel great in the way that feels right to them. It’s the secure and supportive self-expression app we wished existed but didn’t. So, we made it, for ourselves and everyone else to enjoy.

Myrror is about finding the truest you, not covering up and losing sight of who you are. It’s a personal journey towards better body image and self-esteem that you are always in control of; to be shared or kept private as you wish. It helps us all let go of ‘like’ culture, by offering a safe space for self-expression and growing your body confidence. #NoFilterNoFear 

When creating Myrror we had 4 fundamental principles that we wanted to make sure the app would achieve:

 1. Own Your Look.

Only you can define who you are, what looks and feels good to you, and what makes you truly happy. Every time you look in your Myrror app, we want you to see your unique personality and know your worth.

The app is yours to personalise – choose and customise your treatment categories and then get those photos added!! Use the app to record your notes and thoughts at that particular time so you have them there ready to chat through and discuss at your next appointment – the most important thing though … Be Kind!!

Only you can define who you are, what looks and feels good to you, and what makes you truly happy. Every time you look in your Myrror app, we want you to see your unique personality and know your worth.

2. Looks that aren’t about likes.

There are already a bunch of apps out there that let the whole world see how we look. But we made Myrror because we believe everyone should have a place where they can feel free to explore new looks and ways of expressing themselves without fear of judgement. There’s no competing for followers or likes, just the joy of a personal journey towards looking and feeling your absolute best.

Whilst we are social we get that being overly social can sometimes be overwhelming.  So keep your photos and thoughts in Myrror.  If you do want to get your social media fix however please do like, follow, comment or give us a shout out on our social media channels as we would love to hear from you!! Tell us what you think of Myrror, give us some feedback as we’re always working to further develop Myrror and we want the changes to be influenced by You, that is what is most important.

3. Build A Team to Guide You

Tracking your looks over time is a personal journey. But you don’t have to go it alone all the time. With Myrror, you’re in control of your circle of connections, with the power to share your looks and inspirations with those you trust – whether that’s your closest friends or your most trusted stylists and treatment professionals.

We don’t know about you but there was a moment during Lockdown where we all contemplated getting the hair dye kit out and there was some serious experimentation going on … not all successful (there are some dodgy home haircuts going about!) but with Myrror please take advantage of the secure collaboration feature.  Sharing images and thoughts securely with your service provider.  We are very aware that not all providers will know about Myrror so feel free to share our details and we can look at how we can make any enhancements to make their journey easier too

4. Real People #NoFilterNoFear

Above all our mission for Myrror is help everyone step back from the ‘like culture’ and find the looks that make them truly happy, no matter what anyone else thinks. We want to promote body confidence and self-esteem with a #NoFilterNoFear movement, driven by the Myrror community. And we’d love for you to be a part of it.

You are you – and that’s a pretty awesome thing.  You need to understand and track your treatment, knowing that your body is unique.  So remove those filters and do this securely in Myrror, your own little safe place.

Download the Myrror app and start exploring your truest reflection today.