Meet the founders

19th August, 2020

Meet the best friends that made Myrror happen

As best friends for 25 years before launching Myrror, we (Jennifer and Stacy btw) have been through a lot together – including countless fashion crimes, makeup fails and bad hair days.

We created Myrror together, based on our own experiences. We’ve always had one another to rely on and we want Myrror to be an app for boosting positive ‘no filter’ body image and self-esteem among others exploring new looks – just like we have done for each other over the years. Get to know us a little better below and why we decided to risk our friendship by taking the crazy leap of launching an app together.

We’ve always had one another to rely on and we want Myrror to be an app for boosting positive ‘no filter’ body image and self-esteem among others exploring new looks

Who is Jennifer?

Well, I used to be a mixed practice veterinary surgeon. Sadly, I ran into some health challenges in 2008 that let to me putting that dream on hold. When I did get back to practicing, it wasn’t long before happier circumstances took me away from work again – starting my family. Now my days are filled by my two little ones running around our home in the Stirlingshire countryside, but thankfully, somehow, I’ve still found the time to make Myrror happen with Stacy.

Who is Stacy?

Before Myrror I had a ten-year career in Financial Services. Although that might not sound exciting to some, it has given me a wealth of experience that has been invaluable in creating and launching Myrror with Jennifer. I’d always enjoyed the job and having had that experience in a business environment makes running one seem less daunting. Like Jennifer, I have two young children tearing around the house and have enjoyed the challenge of bringing the app together while keeping up with life at home in the Perthshire countryside. Luckily, knowing each other so well for so long, between us we’ve made it work. And we can’t wait to share the app with you all.

Our 25 years together

Here’s a very brief history of all the Jennifer and Stacy adventures that led us to our biggest one yet.

Pony Club – Ride or die friends for life

Where it all began. Spending every weekend riding ponies, and competing around the UK. Jennifer met her future husband who was in the same team, they were aged 14 at the time and still going strong …. Awhhh

High School – Welcome to the Jungle

Best friends throughout high school, Stacy copying Jennifer’s answers in maths and exploring the rainforest and the Andes together on a World Team Challenge trip to Bolivia.

University – A long distance relationship

Attending different universities didn’t keep them apart too much. Weekend partying and messy nights were interrupted by some studying.

Marriage – Bridesmaids for better or worse

Short of marrying each other, standing up there together as bridesmaids at each other’s weddings was the next best thing.

Family – Another excuse to see each other

Since starting their families, Jennifer and Stacy make sure to arrange plenty regular play dates. The kids are also allowed to come along.

Myrror – Our next chapter

Thick as thieves for 25 years but now taking the leap of working together for the first time, Jennifer and Stacy started Myrror with one rule – friends first.

Why Myrror?

Although it is something we did together, Myrror was firstly inspired by Stacy’s own experience of the aesthetic market. At a time when her body image and self-esteem were low, and she turned to changing her exterior appearance in an attempt to ease her interior feelings.

Together, we realised it is almost too easy to alter your appearance without any control, tracking, or much guidance at all. This is what motivated us to make Myrror the first app for the aesthetic market that equally emphasises fun experimentation and responsible treatment exploration.

Myrror is about finding the truest you, not covering up and losing sight of who you are. It’s a personal journey towards better body image and self-esteem that you are always in control of; to be shared or kept private as you wish. It helps us all let go of ‘like’ culture, by offering a safe space for self-expression and growing your body confidence. #NoFilterNoFear