Does my Botox Need Topping Up? Use our Visual Progress Tracker to Find Out

20th May, 2021

I have used Botox for many years now, and I like the result that it gives me.  I feel like I look less tired and just generally fresher.  One of things that I like is that Botox, when used properly, can be subtle and sometimes only noticeable to the individual. That’s generally the outcome that I want.  Put it this way, I’ve been getting it for 5 years and my husband has never once said “oh look, you’ve had your Botox”.

However, with this pleasure also comes a dilemma … how do you know you have achieved the look you want, and when do you know when you need a top up?

Botox takes around 2 weeks to take effect, so, when you walk out the door you don’t generally see any difference at all, apart from sometimes a few tell-tale pin prick marks.  It is very much now a ‘lunch time procedure’.

After 2 weeks I have always seen the full result, and I have yet had to go back for a top up post procedure, but I do know that that is common.

What I do find interesting though is then the longevity of the treatment and the different ways that I notice the Botox wearing off.  My first sign is always the ability to frown again, and this isn’t the aesthetic look, it’s when I can physically feel it happening lol!! I was in a meeting at work one day and a colleague asked if I had a problem with what she was saying as I kept frowning … I had to explain that what she was saying was perfectly fine, it was just that I could feel myself frowning again and it felt weird!!

Rather than continuing to offend my colleagues … I have found Myrror allows me to track, each month, the movement that is starting to come back as Botox inevitably wears off. There are some really interesting things that I have found by taking an image based timeline approach:
  1. My right eye wears off quicker than my left
  2. My crows feet are the last of the areas to really ‘dissolve’, but do so quickly
  3. My frown lines are the first to reappear
  4. My forehead is very gradual and actually I don’t even notice when it has worn off

For me, this is really interesting, even just for the sake of my bank balance … the final point there – I don’t notice my forehead so next time, I’m just getting 2 areas – saving me £60!

I can then use the rest of this information, with the images, to have a really personal chat with my aesthetician about what is the results, and therefore the treatment plan, that works for me.

Many professionals take before and after photos, which is fantastic, and I encourage everyone to ask for copies to be sent to them so you have that record.  But I have yet to find anywhere that really tracks the ‘down time’ between appointments and therefore gives you the breakdown of your body is processing and breaking down the Botox.

Image tracking is so important, everyone’s bodies are different and will respond to treatments in different ways. Your doctor and dentist will track your medical/dental progress, so it’s about time we started to take control of how we track aesthetic treatments too.

It is also a great tool to take to a new aesthetician if you are in the habit of switching about – let them see how you have progressed previously in order to make the best choices that suit you and your face ?