Be Your Own Inspiration

27th August, 2020

Be Your Own Inspiration

We created Myrror to be an app for boosting ‘no filter’ positive body image and self-esteem among others exploring new looks like we have. So, I wanted to share more with you about how my experiences led to the creation of Myrror.

Why did I choose to stick needles in my face?

There are some things in life that are hard to prepare for and becoming a mum was definitely one of them. Nobody tells you what it’s really like to be a grown up, have kids and juggle what life then throws at you. Having kids hit me like a truck! What I didn’t expect was the complete loss of the person I thought I was. Well, perhaps not the total loss, but definitely the gradual masking and greying of that person. It wasn’t until a year later, when uninterrupted sleep was coming back and nursery started, that I finally had some space to do the things I wanted. I started to want back the person I was before.

I wanted my self-confidence back and I wanted to look in the mirror and feel awesome again. I did not want to be defined by simply being a mum. I wanted to change certain physical things about myself, not for anyone else, but for me. What I noticed though is that unlike going to the doctor and discussing symptoms or a particular ailment the discussion can be somewhat one way when it comes to aesthetics. There is of course discussion, but from the point of view of the service provider or clinician. Very rarely have I discussed the post treatment results or how the healing process was, using factual-based photographs. But I want that! I want to be in control of my own treatments.

Everyone will respond differently to treatments. For example, when you take in a photo of a celeb, have you ever achieved exactly what you wanted? I haven’t. And why would you? You’re you, and you are fundamentally different. No matter how frustrating that may seem, it’s a wonderful thing, so let’s embrace it! Track your own personal look, understand how your body responds to your chosen treatments and then act upon that to do whatever it is you want to do to make you feel like you.

You’re you, and you are fundamentally different. No matter how frustrating that may seem, it’s a wonderful thing, so let’s embrace it!

Why control is important

I also wasn’t expecting the tendency to go ‘all in’. The first time I tried Botox I was relatively uneducated and just went for 3 areas. I was 25, I didn’t need it! The special offers and feeling of ‘value for money’ can influence you once you start and you can soon feel like you need to do more to maintain that position. What other treatments are out there that I need? This is where you can start on a slippery slope where things go too far and before you know it, you have tried a load of treatments and lost sight of your end goal.

There needs to be control and there needs to be a reference point. In fact, you need to act as your own reference point. As much as I want to look like Kylie Jenner, I know it isn’t going to happen, and if I go down the lip-filler route I am going to be bitterly disappointed (and will probably look very weird!)

So get control and establish your own baseline. You can then actively use that to deliver the results you want, based on your own personal responses to treatments and your desired outcomes. Be proud to be your own source of inspiration. In the famous words of Lady Gaga: “Baby, you were born this way”.

Don’t feel like you can’t tweak what you were given but don’t lose sight of that person, because they’re pretty cool. For that reason, always make sure it is you that’s in control of your treatments, and better yet you can now use the Myrror app to help you have those conversations.