Build a Loyal Base of Confident Customers

Myrror works with beauty salons, clinics and booking platforms to create an engaging customer experience from start to finish

Looking for an effective way to provide an extra-special level of service to your customers in between appointments?

Myrror is an innovative customer relationship management solution for salons, clinics and booking platforms that will help you give your customers the incredible experience that they deserve.
A loyal customer is worth their weight in gold, which is why Myrror is geared towards helping you build a base of loyal customers who are besotted with your business.

Use Myrror to check in with your clients in between their appointments, with remote photo updates that allow you to ensure your customers are getting the results they’re looking for. Be with them every step of the way throughout the recovery process, offering hands-on advice and feedback on their progress for their peace of mind.

Booking software provider?

We can integrate Myrror directly with your platform to provide an effortless experience for your clients. Allow your partners to accept images as part of the booking process, creating an innovative, personalised booking process from start to finish.

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Next level-booking system

Myrror can integrate directly with your booking platform (subject to your provider), making it as simple as possible for you to manage your diary and for customers to book their appointments. Images can be shared with the appointment booking, allowing you to offer a personalised service that goes above and beyond. Alternatively, Myrror can partner directly with you to provide apps to your clients so they can easily share images with you in between appointments.

With Myrror, you can maintain and manage your ongoing client relationships no matter where you are, helping customers know when they need to book an appointment for their next treatment or top-up. This clear visual diary of treatment progress can help you manage your workload efficiently, ensuring your precious time is saved for the work that matters most – helping your clients.

Myrror can also provide an opportunity to increase your income, identifying opportunities for upselling or additional treatments that can benefit your customers. Creating a unique, tailored experience offers tangible added value for your clients, ensuring that they’ll come back for more every time.

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