The story so far…

Take a trip down memory lane with a look at our path from Pony Club to business partners


Pony Club – Where it all began

Stacy and Jennifer at horse ridding wearing protective horse ridding gear

Our ride or die friendship was born at the stables and cemented at riding competitions around the UK. Little did we know how far we’d go from there!


High School – Welcome to the Jungle

Stacy and Jennifer on a World Team Challenge trip to Bolivia.

We remained the best of friends all through high school, from Stacy copying Jennifer’s answers in maths to exploring the rainforest and the Andes together on a World Team Challenge trip to Bolivia.


University – Going the Distance

Stacy and Jennifer at University night out

After high school, we headed off to different universities – but we didn’t let the distance or the studying stop us from spending our weekends partying together!

2008 & 2010

Marriage – Bridesmaids for better or worse

Jennifer Wedding as Stacy as a bridesmaid

There’s no bestie quite like your bridesmaid. Our teamworking skills were put to the test with organising our hen parties and getting each other to the end of the aisle on time…

est. 2015

Family – The next great adventure

Jennifer and Stacy enjoying a night out

Our friendship grew even stronger as we welcomed the next generation into our lives and swapped our partying for playdates


Myrror – Our next chapter

Stacy and Jennifer working outside on a garden table

Time to throw a new challenge into the mix! After 25 years by each other’s side, we decided to take the leap and build our business together. Best friends make for an even better team.

Empowerment on your terms

We’re each forging our own path, and that’s something that we want to celebrate. Myrror is all about creating your own personal journey to empowerment and self-confidence, without the added pressure of likes and filters.

We want to give you the tools and evidence you need to carve your own path to feeling like your very best self.

Myrror is on hand to help you figure out what really works for you, helping you get the most for your money and your time, regardless of fancy marketing gimmicks.

Self-perception and confidence are so deeply personal and you deserve a safe, secure place to document your beauty journey.

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