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Two mobile phones displaying images from the Myrror App

Two mobile phones displaying images from the Myrror App

Track your beauty journey in one safe space. Myrror the real you.

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Is your beauty routine actually making a difference?

Myrror provides a safe space to track the results of treatments, “tweak”-ments and products you’re trialling with a private photo timeline. Monitor changes first hand with a visual progress diary, built to give you full control of your own journey. Myrror is perfect for tracking all aspects of your beauty routine – from fillers, braces and teeth whitening to hair growth, lash extensions and skincare.

Our app is both a personal progress tracker and a product validation tool, perfect for beauty enthusiasts and beauty brands alike. We know how important it is to get your money’s worth from your beauty routine, which is why Myrror is on hand to help you see if that hot new product that everyone’s raving about is actually making a difference. Get proof that your precious pounds are being used effectively, right in your pocket.

Evidence-Based Empowerment

Self-confidence is a personal journey and Myrror was built with that in mind. We’ve created a safe and secure environment for trying out treatments and developing the beauty routine of dreams, designed to empower and educate. Connect with your trusted circle of connections – from your bestie to your beauty therapist – and share your journey in confidence. Explore new looks, trial new treatments and adapt your at-home beauty routine based on clear evidence using our secure visual progress tracker.

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Embrace the Power of a Photo

A picture is worth a thousand words, and monitoring your progress with a secure photo diary gives you the power you need to build your perfect beauty routine. Not sure if that expensive eye cream is making any difference? Monitor it with before and after photos! Create a personalised profile and compare product progress in your treatment tracker album, store your inspiration in your very own Look Locker and collaborate with your trusted team of experts – if you chose to. It’s your beauty journey, on your own terms.

Confidence for your clients and customers

Myrror is available for both beauty enthusiasts and beauty brands, offering a unique way to build trust and add value to your product or service. Connect with your customers on a deeper level and give them clear proof of just how good your offering is. We’ll work with you to build a product validation tool that shows your brand off to its fullest potential. Contact the team to chat more.

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The Myrror App showing you how to own your look

Own your look 

Myrror is the app which allows you to own your beauty treatments like never before. Create a personalised profile, compare looks in your treatment tracker album, store inspiration in your personal Look Locker and collaborate with your trusted team. With Myrror you have the freedom to track your style without fear of judgement. Find out more about the Myrror app features here.

The Myrror App showing you how to own your look

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Myrror was inspired by our own experiences with beauty and aesthetics. After searching for the perfect solution for balancing treatment exploration with confidence and control, we decided to build it ourselves.

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